A Blast from the Past


Recently we were approached by a student from our (Jacqui’s and my) old school (Firbank Grammar, Brighton) wanting to interview Jacqui about Graphic Design and working in a creative practice. This not only provided us with a blast from the past but also gave us reason to consider what it really is to be a Graphic Designer.

Being a visual arts student (and captain!) herself, she had a personal interest in and knowledge about the field, making her questions quite informed and considerate. She even threw in one rather curly question that nearly had us stumped!
Hopefully the answers Jacqui gave can help her make an informed decision about the career she decides to pursue after her studies.

Although the questions (and answers) are directed towards a student audience, it may be of interest to you (our clients and acquaintances) to read about Jacqui’s experiences as a Graphic Designer, and what she had to say about her influences, inspirations and “most prized artistic possession”.

1. In what artistic field do you study/work? 
University. BA Arts in Graphic Design, work as a Graphic Designer in my own business.

2. Would you recommend your job/course to those interested in art/design? What advice would you offer them?
Most design courses do not reflect the real job of a designer so enjoy them while you can! TAFE or Uni I feel has the same result. If you can get a job that is not in retail design but at an agency where you can work on a number of clients that is best otherwise it becomes a bit monotonous.

3. In your opinion, what are the benefits of a career in the creative arts industry and why?
You get to work on many many different briefs and find out about so many different aspects of life. It is very interesting and engaging at times. Plus you can use your skills in personal aspects of your life too like painting, crafting, writing, making gifts for people. travel, blogging etc. People are generally impressed when they find out you are a Graphic Designer. You really have a unique set of skills and everything in your life is really creative.

4. What lead you to study visual arts/design? Did you have any major influences?
I don’t really have a good answer for this. Its just something I fell into and enjoyed it at the time. i wasn’t really sure where I was going in life and somehow Graphic Design has stuck.

5. Was art/design always a talent of yours or was it an acquired skill?
A bit of both BUT mainly something that you have in you to begin with. Creativity is not something that is taught in my experience.

6. What advice would you give to anyone currently studying an artistic subject in year 11 or 12?
Go and get some work experience to see what it is really like because design may not be for you. If you are serious, try to do a booster course to better your software skills as VCE does not teach the proper skills that you need for TAFE or UNI. They offer short courses at Swinburne, RMIT etc that go for 6 weeks.

7. In three words, how would you define creativity? Why?
Explorative, Inventive and Open Minded Why? Just because!

8. Did you have much support in choosing to study arts/design?
Yes, my parents have always been supportive.

9. How has life in the creative industry affected how you view the environment around you?
I feel that it has taught me a lot about other people and attitudes in life. How people perceive things, are quick to judge (positive or negative) and how we place a lot of emphasis on money and success. I feel the creative industry can teach you so much about who you are as a person and what you can gain from life and also give back in return.

10. Where do you find inspiration for your works?
In my life experiences, travel, talking to others, exploring my local environment, looking up once in while, noticing the small things, books, meeting people from all walks of life, observing, writing, drawing. Inspiration is everywhere!

11. Aside from art/design, what other interests do you have? Have these interests affected how you apply yourself in art/design?
I love travel, reading books, singing, dogs and going to the beach. I also exercise and eat a healthy diet as a lifestyle choice as I am interested in that. Not because of the pressures of society! :) Strong body, strong mind. Yes everything I do affects my work in one way or another.

12. What is your most prized artistic possession and why?
This is a really hard question and I just can’t answer it! Sorry :( (and its the last question too). I love my camera, my iPhone, my Wacom tablet, my iMac, scissors, paint and brush sets, my mind – all these things help me create and I would struggle to live without them.