I know that one!


I have managed to peel myself away from my phone to write this article. It was a tough thing to do especially when I was so close to completing the level. Confused? Don’t be, I just downloaded a new App from the iTunes store and have been fixated on it for the last 30 minutes. It’s called ‘Logo quiz’ and is quintessentially a graphic designer’s idea of a fun time.

As the name suggests, the game is based on the concept of logo identification. Each new level presents players with a group of incomplete logos to identify. You are awarded points depending on how long you take to correctly guess it.


The title of the article is now making sense, eh?


Hello, Hello Kitty!

Hello, Hello Kitty!

In risk of sounding like a broken record, this little game reminded me of the importance of companies having recognisable logos. They need to be simple, they need to be iconic and they need to be relevant to the business it represents.

A logo is like ‘the face’ of a company or business. It will appear on business cards, letterheads, posters, magazine advertisements…you name it, it’s on it. Having said this, I can only laugh then cry at business owners who think they can get by without one. A good logo will form the roots of a business’s graphic presence. The rest (i.e. corporate identity) will just roll on from there.

As this App highlights, successful branding leads to public recognition –local, national, if not global. I mean, with only a slice of the Burger King logo, or a snippet of the Star Bucks emblem, I was able to easily identify the company. Yes, I work as a graphic designer, so I may have a slight advantage, but I think you would be surprised as to how many you too recognise. It is worth the download just to marvel at the brilliance of some company’s logos.

Each logo I see on the screen is unique and completely different. That’s because they all cater for different needs and suit the ‘character’ of the business they represent. Some are one colour, others feature a myriad of hues, some are illustrative while others are text based. No matter what they look like they all have one thing in common– they are easily recognisable. I can identify them and no doubt you can too, in fact, I am willing to make a bet that your grandma would be able to identify a goodly number as well.

But don’t take my word for it, jump on your phone and download the App. Have a play. I guarantee it will change the way you view graphic design and branding.

It’s currently the number 1 top free app from i Tunes