Is bad branding damaging your business credibility?


Yesterday I was part of something new and exciting. The Successful Business Matters expo which was held at Woodlands Golf Club in Mordialloc, Melbourne. Myself and 20 other exhibitors set up shop at 1pm and then looked after our stands until 8:30pm to offer information and ideas to participants during the day.

I was also one of 9 presenters talking on my area of expertise: Graphic Design. If you were lucky enough to catch my seminar ”Is bad branding damaging your business credibility?” at 4:45pm you would have seen some really great examples of business branding and some really bad examples of business branding. It was a whole lot of fun and most importantly participants walked away learning some really valuable information to think about.

Next time you are Centre Rd in East Bentleigh, don’t forget to lookout for Bakers Delicious 2 doors down from Bakers Delight!


And who could forget this little nugget of poorly thought through typography?


A few participants and fellow exhibitors missed out on the seminar and wanted to know if I would be presenting again soon. The good news for them is I will be!



If you would like to take the “Is bad branding damaging your business credibility?” quiz, then please click below to download and fill in. It’s a great learning exercise for any business to find out how they are really judged.




I was lucky enough to meet so many new people at the expo and have the opportunity to talk to them about their business. I showed them how to step back and candidly look at their own business branding through the eyes of potential customers. Often we get so caught up in our own business, we take for granted that people know what we do. In most cases our branding is not effectively communicating our service and the message is lost. Which can really damage your business credibility and set you behind the blocks.

It was also great to catch up with some familiar faces and touch base with existing contacts in my networking sphere. Thank you for your support to those of you who came along to visit me, you know who you are!

The Successful Business Matters was a great experience for No Grey Creative to showcase our creative range of logos, graphic design work , website design and brochure design.