New in Business?


No Grey Creative specialises in new business branding. We have helped hundreds of new businesses make the best start possible by providing clever, creative and affordable branding solutions. Our creative director Jacqui runs seminars all over Melbourne about the subject of new business branding and why it is so important to a businesses success.

Has your business got the three basics? Logo, business cards and a website are the three basics that any business needs to be taken seriously in the marketplace. Everyone judges a book by its cover and when it comes to judging your business you will be treated no differently. Ask yourself these two questions…

1) Have you ever bought or consumed from a business that didn’t have a logo or visual brand?

2) If you were presented with these two cleaning services to choose from in your mailbox, both same price and same services, which one would you choose, based on gut feeling?

What would you choose?

What would you choose?

Your aim when you start a business is to ensure customers choose you over your competitors. That is where an investment in professional branding will set you apart as a serious business operator.