Pantone Knitted Swatches


For my birthday this year I was blessed with many amazing and generous presents, parties, cakes and perfect company. I think I managed to stretch the event out to a whole week. Every birthday should be like that!

This year, when I was enjoying my celebrations with some close friends at Naked for Satanon Brunswick Street in Brunswick, Melbourne.  After a few Dirty Granny ciders and deliciously tasty Pintxos my log time (also Graphic designer) friend Libby arrived. I was greeted with a brown gift bag, hug and happy birthday. I was excited to open her present because just before I did she announced that in fact, the gift was home made. How awesome are home made gifts?! This intrigued me even more. The git was about 7x7cm and about 3cm deep, snug little package. I wondered what it could be. None of my thoughts came even close to what was wrapped up inside…

Revealing themselves to me, were 6 hand crafted, unique, quirky, KNITTED Pantone swatch coasters. Each sporting their own colour (as close to true Pantone as you can get in yarn) and each with hand embroidered Pantone colour codes. Hand made swatches of goodness just waiting to be awed over. My first question was to Kelly on my left (also graphic designer) ‘did you know about this??’ The shocked and amazed look on her face suggested it was a surprise to her too. My second question was to Libby ‘where did you see this done, how did you know to do this?’. To my admiration, she said that she had thought of the idea herself and has just spent the last couple of weeks working out how to do it.

As a graphic designer, this is an absolutely jaw-dropping gift and every other creative person I have showed them to has reacted exactly the same. I predict it will be a long time before I am given a gift that could out shine the coolness of the Knitted Pantone Swatch Coasters. Too good to use! They are going straight to the pool room :)

If you would like your own set of Pantone Knitted Coasters then please send us an email and we would be happy to put you in touch with Libby.