PANTONE wall of colour!

I work out of an awesome studio in Richmond (Gordon Studios) that is run by my long term friend and photographer Mackenzie and her sister Samantha. It is such a great place to come everyday because I really get the best of both worlds. An office environment full of laughs, lunches and friends and to be able to run my own business with no annoying managers, bosses or politics. I hope this situation never ends!

In our studio I have a great little spot in the back room and the other day I realised that I have not been using my grey dull walls to their full potential. I mean if you could put anything up on there you would right!? Whilst ‘surfing the net’ I came across these nifty Pantone postcards and my brain started thinking. I should order these to add to Pantone collection of coffe mugs, coasters and i Pad covers I own, then I thought, what if I stuck some on the wall, then I thought what if I stuck them ALL ON THE WALL to make a wall of colour. That would really brighten up everyones day and feed some inspiration to this back room. People could pick their favourite colours and just generally be happy. For tax reasons this wall of colour would also allow me to showcase clients their pick of Pantone colours for their new logo. Business expense and fun! What more could I ask for??!!!

If you want to make your own wall of colour, email us at and we can send you the link for the Pantone postcards.

So here is the result, in stop motion video form (my first attempt at this style)…. It also features the hit song by Petula Clark for all you baby boomers out there. Enjoy!