Pippi and Zoe help out Burke and Wills!


Pippi a tri-colour (mainly black) chihuahua and Zoe a sand colour Mastiff-X are partners in crime. Coaxing pats and hugs from others in the office, waiting with raised ears and eyebrows for Mackenzie and I to faithfully return from lunch and greeting visitors with wagging tails and excitement. Yes, bringing your dog to work is a real treat and one that I know to savour while I still can.

Shane who is the owner at Burke and Wills and fabulous client of Mackenzie Photography, popped by last week with two packages in hand. Announcing to me that they were treats for the beloved Pippi and Zoe. Ripping the plastic wrap off to discover that they were in fact fleece lined waterproof oilskin coats for the dogs (awesome!!). Perfect for the next wild Brumby round-up trip we take!

Much to Pippi’s dismay, I quickly whisked her up on the desk and put her coat on. This dog only weighs around 2.5kg and I reckon this coat weighs the same as her. I strapped her in and allowed her to parade around the office for all to see. She was met with much ‘awwwwwwwing’ and shrills of ‘so cute’. She did look pretty cute even though I know she was annoyed underneath at me making a spectacle of her.

Zoe being the larger dog of the two and the most ‘outdoory’, suits the coat to a tee. Her sandy skin and curious expression really highlights properly the need for an oil skin coat for dogs. I imagine her chasing horses and sheep out in the bush then faithfully returning back to camp to laze by the fire and bark at the moon.

Pippi and Zoe are now the new models for Burke and Wills oilskin dog coat range. Below you can see their poses from the photo shoot. The ‘models’ were allowed to keep their coats after the photo shoot and I know that I am really looking forward to taking Pippi up to Mt Dandenong national park on a drizzly winters day for a refreshing crisp walk. Fresh air and clean oxygen, just what the doctor ordered!

Thanks to Shane from Burke and Wills for the coats. They are very cool and certainly one of the perks of being able to bring your dog into work everyday.

Zoe the drover

Zoe the drover

Pippi the reluctant Chihuahua

Pippi the reluctant Chihuahua