Retravision– 50 years on and they’ve still got it!

...and the new logo

After 50 years in the retail market and as a first step in a multi-faceted re-vamp, RetraVision has been given a facelift.

Headed by Retail Oasis, Retravision have conducted an 18-month intensive brand project, with the revamped logo marking the first of the many changes. Since the launch in August 2011, Retravision has exploded with a myriad of changes, from store interiors to point of sales, marketing ventures, website, televisions commercials and general graphic presence.

Retravision's original logo...

Retravision’s original logo…

...and the new logo

…and the new logo

I must say I am very impressed with the sleekness of the new look, effectively reenergizing a brand, which was looking more than a little tired and outdated. I mean, we all loved the old “Retravision, we’ve got it” slogan and slightly garish commercials, but it was definitely time for a change.

Website featuring the 'new look'

Website featuring the ‘new look’

The resulting design, however, has been the result of months of market research and customer surveys. Retail Oasis wanted to find out what customers considered to be successful branding, what they valued in design, and what they liked about the ‘old look’. The resulting information provided the design team with vital insight into the mind’s of the target audience– information all graphic designers need in order to produce successful design work.

“This delivered valuable insights into their perceptions of the existing brand, revealing strong recall and trust” said Retravision Southern CEO, Tim Cockayne.
Taking a step back from the logistics and financial reasoning behind the rebrand, the new logo and look is a sleeker, more modern version of the existing brand. It retains the characteristics of Retravision (in the iconic blue and red colour scheme) and even the emphasised V of Vision is somewhat maintained. In this way, the rebrand appears revitalised and refreshed, but does not lose that level of customer recognition.

In my last post I talked about “Logo Quiz”, a super addictive iPhone App (read about it here). I wonder, if tested, how many people, one year after the unveiling of the new brand, would recognise the new logo as that of Retravision. And following on from that, how many people could remember the old logo?

My guess is that most people would correctly identify it as Retravision, and that most would not even be able to describe the old logo. This is the mark of a successful re-brand, and in my opinion, this is exactly that.

With this in mind, I am happy to report that Retravision have still got it!