Websites. Get the look for less!



Sometimes you just can’t afford a new website. And really, if you already have pages and pages of content with years of work poured into your existing website the pain and lengthly process to migrate everything over to a ‘new site’ would simply not be worth it. 

Lets work with what you’ve got for a fraction of the price. 

Take our friends over at Financial Planning Expert. Small business owners who for the last 5 years have done the right thing and created loads of content on their site. They’ve posted helpful tips and information about financial planning, created links and new page content for better SEO rankings and earned their fair share of gold stars when it comes to managing their own website.

They have managed to stay number one for google search ‘Financial Planner Melbourne’ for 4 years! And we’re not talking paid AdWords here. 

But the times they are a changing….

Some of the problems that Financial Planning Expert face now is:

  • WordPress theme was in desperate need of an update
  • Their design was completely off trend and made the business look bygone
  • Their website was not engaging anymore and the user was not very tempted to click through so less time on the site
  • The current WordPress Theme is very restrictive to the everyday user 
  • Less conversion to enquiries vs page hits. So they rank well, but the visual impression was obviously putting people off
  • Their message of independent financial advice was getting lost 


With a low budget but a desire to fix the website as much as possible No Grey Creative came up with a creative and clever plan to make it seem like a new website was produced, but in actual fact, it was just some small creative changes put into the play. We like to call it get the look for less

We decided, that if the home page was engaging this would solve most of the outlined problems in one hit. 

We armed the home page with:

  • A new, easy to navigate layout
  • Series of image sliders to convey multiple messages in one space. This is also editable in the WordPress back end
  • Clickable, engaging content to get people to read other pages, so more time on the site
  • Attention grabbing headlines and images to lift the business profile. We also included the new images on each relevant page for continuity
  • A prominent ‘call to action’ to make contact (this we included on every page too, makes sense)
  • A new more modern colour scheme throughout the site

The visual result is a complete success for Financial Planning Expert. A new look with a small budget. You can visit the live site here. 

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