Why it pays to highlight your USP

When clients come to us for a logo, business card or website design service one of the first questions we ask is ‘what separates you from your competitors?’. For most business owners this can be quite confronting and hard to answer.

Most people answer with phrases like:

  • “good quality service”
  • “low prices”
  • “experience”

But these will not be enough to set you apart from your competitors. These answers are generally like this because the owner is too close to their own business and is challenged by stepping back and taking an objective look at what the customer sees. They often take for granted that customers will already understand the business because the owner is so wrapped up in it, its all they know. 

Lets take a local Financial Planner for example. We recently re-designed these business cards for Sabre Wealth Management. As far as ‘design’ goes, there is not much wrong with the original. Its well laid out, easy to read and on brand using their logo and colours. 

sabe before cards

Sabre Wealth Management business card ‘BEFORE’

However, when it comes to choosing ‘this’ financial planner over ‘that’ one, what would really persuade a customers’ final decision? This is where your USP comes in. 

The re-design of Sabre’s business cards immediately highlights their USP (Pure fee for service financial planning) and all of a sudden the business becomes more appealing because they have a very specific message. That message prominently displayed sparks interest and most importantly it makes the card more memorable. 

sabe after cards

Sabre Wealth Management business card ‘AFTER’

Its a bit like the old ‘don’t ask don’t get’ saying. But rather don’t tell your audience what you do, then you won’t get the business. 

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