Chadstone Corner Apartments Development


The cover of the property brochure design for Chadstone Corner apartments

The latest boutique apartments to rise up in the heart of Chadstone, Melbourne were looking to build a brand and image from the ground up (pun intended).

The developers ‘New Point Pty Ltd’ came to us needing everything including
• a name for the development
• sleek logo
• luxury brochure design
• well crafted website design
• effective DL mail out design
• custom photography
• creative copywriting

No Grey Creative was commissioned to deliver the lot.


The logo design for Chadstone Corner Apartments


Capital Kitchen at Chadstone, a sample of lifestyle images taken for the brochure


Artists impressions inside brochure

We knew the area of Chadstone very well and after taking a look at the plans for the development soon came up with the name ‘Chadstone Corner’. The complex was to be built on a corner but also we wanted to bring out the idea of a meeting place, a community and a local hangout for the apartment residers.


Custom map we designed for Chadstone Corner apartments development


Batesford Reserve at Chadstone, a sample of lifestyle images taken for the brochure

Next we designed the logo using triangle and geometric shapes and gradated colours to convey an aerial floorplan of an apartment building coming together as a community. The logo gives a great boutique feel and also an overall feeling of modern design and comfort.

We then spent a day travelling around key areas near the development taking custom photos for the brochure and marketing collateral. A beautiful range of lifestyle images to help paint the picture of what life would be like when you purchase the apartment.


The A4 brochure design for Chadstone Corner Apartments


Holmesglen TAFE and The Glen, a sample of lifestyle images taken for the brochure

We effectively created and delivered a modern, boutique and striking range of marketing tools which not only looks fabulous but most importantly puts an image to ‘off the plan’ apartments. After all the brochure and the mail drop flyers are the ONLY tool that a developer and agent has to effectively sell.

Our bright, vibrant, modern approach has been a huge success for the developer and they were blown away by the outcome we created for them.



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