Incolink Apprentice Support Guide

Incolink are in industry run support service, who support and manage apprentices during times of redundancy.

Incolink initially contacted us with the query of producing an interactive PDF to compliment one of their services that supports apprentices on the job. The idea was that the PDF would be then loaded onto a USB stick and distributed to apprentices so they view on their desktop computer.



Incolink Apprentice Support Guide displayed fluidly on desktop, iPad and iPhone

There were a couple of problems with this idea. Firstly, most of their apprentices no longer use desktop computers and rely main on iPhones or tablet devices. Secondly. if a change needed to be made to the PDF with updated information people would then have outdated and incorrect versions. It would be a mess!

We proposed that instead of the interactive PDF that we create a separate website which would then be usable on the desktop computer but most importantly act a as a iPhone app for best use on mobile device. That way everyone could access it wherever they were and in turn eliminate the problem of having up to date versions, as one change on the website updates all.


Apprentice Support Guide displayed on tablet and mobile device

The new Incolink Apprentice Support Guide website was based on an existing information brochure but had to be completely re-configured and designed for the web.

The website now acts as a phone and tablet and desktop application and provides advice and tips on how to manage stress, your first day on the job and even a built in budget calculator. The rollout of the online support guide has been a huge success for Incolink and the apprentices it helps support.



L-R: Budget calculator easy to use on phone, quick facts about drugs and alcohol, food diagram to give quick ideas for healthy meals

See the Incolink Apprentice Guide website
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