Kundalini Running

Kundalini logo design

Logo design for Doug Wilson’s Kundalini Running

Dubbed Melbourne’s ‘Marathon Man’ Doug Wilson launched his new brand, Kundalini Running this year. No Grey Creative was honoured to be a part of the branding process as this was a truly inspirational journey to be a part of. 

Doug Wilson business cards

Business card design for Melbourne based Kundalini Running

Doug’s story is one of survival and determination. Enduring a life threatening 13.5 hour brain operation he defied odds by rebuilding his fitness through a healthy lifestyle and mindful practices. This allowed him to recover in an unexpectedly short timeframe and since then has set a Guinness World Record and continued to run ultra marathons across the globe. 

Kundalini Running is the business built on Doug’s incredible tale – offering the services of inspirational speaking, health and wellbeing retreats and yoga & meditation classes. Our brief was to design a logo that went with the business mantra of determination but also encapsulated the 7 chakras of the Kundalini yoga practice. 

Kundalini running roll up banner

The roll up banner design for Kundalini Running

The typeface for Kundalini is a free flowing representation of energy using the 7 colours which combined with the simplicity of the Running typeface allows for the two worlds of Kundalini and corporate to meet in harmony. The treatment of the brand is to wherever possible display the logo with a black image ensuring that the 7 chakras are always top of mind. 

The business card design is simple, sleek and shows off the Kundalini logo prominently. Printed on smooth matte card stock the card is professional looking and will appeal to the target audience of Kundalini running and separate the brand from the sometimes ‘hippie dippy’ stigma that is attached to yoga practice. 

We can’t wait to see what Doug will achieve next with Kundalini Running and we know that it will be a huge success due to his determination and focus.

Kundalini logo design on white

Kundalini Running logo design on white

To see more about Doug’s inspirational story, check out his promotional video created by our friends at Milkbar Digital.



Douglas Wilson - Kundalini Running
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Jacqui and No Grey Creative who created my personal branding.. Their service is prompt, modern, professional and delivered an end result which has helped the brand identity move forward. Really happy with everything! Thanks guys!
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