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Logo design for Marguerite Picard Family Lawyer

Here at No Grey Creative, we adore working with Marguerite Picard Family Lawyer. Inspirational, industry leader and all round nice gal. You couldn’t ask for a better client. We have been managing Marguerite’s branding going on 6 years now and we simply do not have the scrolling power to show you everything we’ve ever designed for her, so below are some samples to look over. 

Working as a Collaborative Lawyer in her own practice in Hawthorn, Melbourne. Collaborative Practice is a modern way to resolve disputes by negotiation – without going to court. It involves lawyers and clients to work together to resolve disputes, sometimes with the aid of other professionals such as a child psychologist or financial planner.

We started off designing her logo, and its based on the idea of stepping stones in a Collaborative Divorce. There are many steps on the road to a divorce and Marguerite helps families navigate the complex and emotional issues that arise. Her branding reflects her gentle yet sensible style. 


Responsive website design for Marguerite Picard

See Marguerite Picard’s website

Marguerite’s website has gone through many phases and this is her current design. A fully responsive custom designed WordPress website that can be managed with by Marguerite, her paralegal or the team here at No Grey. Whatever times permits! With a strong emphasis on content and SEO services, we are proud to say that Marguerite has ranked and maintained her page one Google ranking for Family Lawyer Melbourne for the past 6 years, organically. Strong imagery, easy to navigate site and social sharing options are what then turns those hits into viable business. 


Mailchimp campaign design for Marguerite Picard

We also produce and manage the quarterly newsletter design for Marguerite. This involves creating, designing and sending a Mailchimp campaign to her database and then designing a print version of the newsletter which is printed and mailed to another database. Overall we reach over 500 subscribers each quarter. The newsletter has gained a lot of traction over the recent months and we have seen steady growth in recipients and conversions to business due to the newsletter design and content. 

Marguerite is an Accredited Family Law specialist with more than 25 years experience in divorce and separation. She’s seen it all when it comes to working through separation via the adversarial legal system and now believes that there’s a better way. Thats the message she conveys throughout all of her branding and why the newsletter is so important. 


Printed newsletter design for Marguerite Picard


Corporate stationery design including envelopes, folders and letterhead

We also provide print services along with our design services to Marguerite. We design all of her corporate stationery including business cards, letterheads, internal folders, client presentation folders, with comps and envelopes. We make sure she never runs out of any of her printed collateral by providing same day ordering to dispatch when needed and of course a high quality but low cost printing service every day of the week. 


Business Card design for Marguerite Picard



Marguerite Picard
Jacqui has really clear sense of the person she is working for, and her work is individual, polished and stylish. She is a great person to have on your team!
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