Peacemakers for Families, Calgary CA


Logo design for Peacemakers for Families in Calgary

Our long time friend and client Dr Tina Sinclair recently announced to us that she was relocating to Calgary, Canada. We were both happy and sad at this news. Sad to lose one of our favourites but happy to see her embark on a bold new business adventure. What really delighted us though, is that as soon as she got there, a Skype call was arranged and we were asked to design her new brand! Peacemakers for Families was about to hit Calgary in a big way. 

The previous brand we designed for Tina, was in the colours of purple, blue and green and we were keen to play off the back of her existing successes as a brand and carry that over to the new business. As per Tina’s request, we incorporated a trinity knot into the logo to signify peace and tranquility each family can achieve whilst in Tina’s care. We also wanted to incorporate the triangle as Tina’s previous brand (that we were carrying over) had triangular elements. 


Folded business card design for Tina Sinclair

Once Tina was thrilled with the logo, we set about designing her some new business cards. She has a few messages of hope that she wanted to include on the card so we suggested to go with a folded business card design and print. This way the card could have everything she wanted but not look too crammed. 


Website design for Peacemakers for Families in Calgary

The website design was the next item on the list. As Peacemakers is a new business Tina was keen to keep her costs to a low budget. We offered the solution of creating a one page website, ode to the style of a parallax design which softly and clearly takes you through the offerings of Peacemakers for Families. It really was the perfect solution for Tina. We love the soft flows of the text and images when you scroll down and the beautiful accompanying imagery of the site 

See Peacemakers for Families website


Clinic services brochure design

The final two items that needed to be designed were a clinic services brochure and a roll up banner. Both of these items were to be designed and printed in time for a up-coming Collaborative Practice seminar being held in Calgary. The pressure was for us to not only come up with the design but to also liaise with a local print provider in Calgary to ensure job was printed correctly and on time within budget. We took the look that we had already applied to the website and carried that through to the roll up banner design and the brochure design for some consistent branding. 

Tina couldn’t be happier with the end result and so far Peacemakers for Families is certainly making some noise in the Calgary Collaborative scene. 


Roll up banner design for Peacemakers for Families


Dr Tina Sinclair - Founder of Peacemakers for Families
Jacqui & No Grey have given me great support & fast response to my various ideas over the past 5 years. This includes communicating 'overseas ' when I was in Tasmania & now trans Pacific with Canadian mountain time, to meet printing deadlines.. She is the greatest!
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