Podcast Cover Design

podcast cover design

What makes a good podcast cover design anyway? From client feedback, my own research as a user and many an expert option blog read – we can narrow it down to 3 things.

1. A big image

2. A simple podcast title

3. A short tagline summing up your podcast content.

 All 3 displayed as large as possible.

The way we view podcast cover artwork is usually at a very small size when we are browsing for a new one to listen to but once actually subscribed it’s often displayed a lot bigger on your mobile device. You also need to take into consideration the artwork is not exclusively viewed on mobile but also on desktop iTunes store and other podcasting platforms such as Whooshka or placed directly on a website. It’s a hard medium to design perfectly for!



The podcast cover designs we’re showing on this page were commissioned by our great friends over at BE Media Production, who are fast becoming the podcast specialists. They provide outstanding audio production services to businesses and needed some design work to apply to their recently produced podcasts.

In conjunction with the podcast cover designs, No Grey Creative has also produced the branding for BE Podcasting, Spiritual Listener and Business Essentials (The world’s longest running podcast!) Click on each one to find out more and to view their full portfolio of design services.

3 podcast covers

We look forward to future work with BE Media Production for their podcasting services.

If you’d like to subscribe or listen to any of these podcasts please follow these links

BE Podcasting – Listen Now 

Spiritual Listener – Listen Now

Business Essentials – Listen Now 

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