Richmond Panels

Working with Garry and the team at Richmond Panels in Richmond, Melbourne was a fantastic experience. We were given a very simple brief: ‘Make it look sh*t hot and fast! And we like green and black’. 

Richmond Panels new logo

Richmond Panels new business cards printed on thick plastic

Richmond Panels new business cards printed on thick plastic

We quickly set to work on creating a modern, clean typographic logo for the business which is easy to read and iconicly recognisable with a quick glance. We morphed the R and P in a punchy, clever piece of art. This is a timeless logo that will be applied to other collateral and website, now and in years to come. 

40 Richmond Panel loan cars parked on Gosch’s Paddock, an image created and conceptualised by No Grey Creative

As part of the branding and design service we provided to Richmond Panels, we conceptualised and produced the marketing image you see above. 40 of the Richmond Panels loan cars parked on Goshch’s Paddock with iconic Richmond sporting precinct and Melbourne city skyline as the backdrop. An attention grabbing image that resonates with customers and leaves a memorable impression for Richmond Panels. 
Next we set about designing and developing a sleek new website. With a custom design then integrated WordPress back end for easy editing and search engine optimisation services. You can see the live site here

New WordPress website for Richmond Panels


Flyers, brochures, google+ and facebook design for Richmond Panels

We then rolled out promotional flyers and brochures that advertised the point of difference (40 loan cars) and also a specialised flyer that is given to customers once their car has been fixed. That flyer includes a QR code feature which then takes the customer straight to the Google+ page to leave a review. This ties in with the website as the more reviews your Google+ listing has, the more likely your website will list in a google search. Its why print and digital go hand in hand! 


Promotional flyers and customer review brochure complete with QR code to direct customers where to leave a review.


Workshop signage, car signage and office signage for Richmond panels. Then (top right) a very happy Gaz from RP!

 To make the Richmond Panels branding complete the logo was also rolled out on to car signage for their loan cars, workshop signage on Swan Street Richmond to attract foot traffic and office fit out design incorporating the new colours and logo. Looks really sleek! 


Garry Belford - Owner at Richmond Panels
Jac, it has been sweet working with you and your finished product has been amazing. Your ideas for our brand and your design have been the (essential) first step in making this business a success and we all appreciate this very much.
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