Susie McCann Actor and Singer

The logo design for Susie McCann

One of the many things we love about working with Susie, is that she is not afraid to put herself (as a business) out there and try new things to promote her career. The world of performance artists in a cut throat and hard industry to penetrate an most people don’t make it. Susie quickly realised that if she was to ever make in an impact on an already flooded industry then investing in a professional looking brand an image was a step in the right direction.

We design a simple and modern logo for Susie first then applied that to business cards. Her cards are really important as her industry is built on the saying of ‘its who you know’. As a performer networking is a key role in making your career a success.


The WordPress website for Susie McCann displaying responsive on desktop, tablet and mobile device

See Susie McCann’s website

The most important tool that we created for Susie is her website. We designed her a professional website so that she could successfully market herself to prospective producers, casting agents and theatre venues around Melbourne and abroad.

Our suggestions for the website was to create a hub for people who wanted to:

• look at images of Susie in action
• view live videos of her performances
• book tickets to her upcoming gigs
• read reviews
• get in contact


Promo shot of Susie with logo and Facebook branding

We custom designed all these features and implemented a WordPress back end so that constant updates and new information could be added with ease. Susie does not need to rely on anyone to update her site except herself. We have empowered her to be her own manager. We do however help her out when she is too busy entertaining. Which is most of the time these days!

The website has been extremely successful in promoting the Susie McCann brand in a professional light and has aided her in booking her acts into venues all across Melbourne.


Business cards for Susie McCann



Susie McCann - Actor and SInger
As an actor/singer I wanted to get a logo and website running. But, had no idea where to start. Jacqui provided a high level of creativity and expertise suited to my needs. She listened to me through the whole process, and was honest in her thoughts and ideas.
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