Tania Lee Photography


Tania Lee is a wonderful photographer and a good friend of ours. She recently decided that her logo needed a re-vamp, as she felt her existing logo was too commercial and ‘modern’ for her style of photography. What she was ultimately after was a classic look with a bit of personality and style. 


See Tania’s website

Tania loves shooting fashion and working with models, so we were inspired to create a logo for her with emphasis on this field. We opted for a signature-style font, referencing fashion houses that have a unique, distinctive font, or script-like logo. We also made the turquoise a more vibrant shade, in an attempt to freshen the overall appearance. Coupled with a modern geometric typeface, we catered to the style that is uniquely Tania of Art Deco inspiration and vintage undertones. A perfect representation of Tania’s style.

We think Tania’s new logo has a beautifully airy, spacious and clean appearance (much like her impeccably kept workspace) and represents her interests and style as a photographer.


Next we set about creating Tania’s new website, both in the design area and also a simple back end that she could easily update herself. We got right on the job and happily designed her the cleanest, whitest website we could in order to show off her beautiful images. We then integrated a WordPress backend for her so she can go in anytime to add new images to her folio without having to rely on us.



The new website is sleek, easy to navigate and only uses a hint of her turquoise colour to really show off her brand.

Her branding has also been applied to several other promotional items such as business cards, Facebook branding, CD labels and covers and beautiful gift vouchers. The brand as a whole is unique, stylish, clean and suits Tania to a T.


Tania Sferopolous - Photographer
Jacqui is a very talented Graphic Designer with a keen eye for detail. She understands and was able to express exactly what I was after!!
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