Business Essentials Magazine


Cover and CD design for Business Essentials

A new look for 32 year business institution, Business Essentials

If you’ve been in the small business sector for a while, you’ve probably heard of Business Essentials. A audio subscription delivering essential business information to business people on a monthly basis via CD or Online Streaming. They pride themselves on sourcing and creating high quality content through interviews of some of the top business influencers in Australia.

Business Essentials has been around since 1984 and gone through a few re-brands in that time. Here at No Grey Creative we are extremely proud of the latest one that we have produced.


Cover, Extras insert and CD design for Business Essentials

As Business Essentials is technically an audio magazine, we wanted to bring back and hone in on that magazine look and feel. A bold consistent header which can be adopted for every edition, a prominent date and edition coupled with a feature image and hard hitting headlines. The perfect formula for a winning magazine cover. With Guy Grossi on the cover for our first design, we think that the end product looks pretty engaging and professional and will be the iconic cover for years to come.


Advertising spot for the good folk at BE Media Production, inserted into Business Essentials magazine

As part of the monthly mail out audio CD, we have also designed the CD sticker so you always know which CD belongs in which cover and The Extras insert which provided the listener with bonus extras and further information about the publication.


If you are one of the many subscribers to Business Essentials we know you’ll love the new look when it hits your desk at the start of this month. If you are not a subscriber, click here to do so, guaranteed to learn something new for your business. Business Essentials is produced by the good folk over at BE Media. We happen to look after all their branding and graphic design too! Click here to see the amazing work we design for them. 


Nick Schildberger, Managing Director at BE Media Production
Jacqui is an absolute delight to work with and her work speaks for itself. She recently redesigned our corporate logo and the front cover of our business audio magazine – a task we thought would be quite difficult because of our 30 year history. But Jacqui very quickly got a great understanding and feel for our business and came up with with several appropriate alternatives that we all loved. The tough part was deciding which of Jacqui’s designs to go with because they were all fantastic. We couldn’t be happier with the final design. Jacqui is really easy to work with, delivers on time and makes the entire process enjoyable.
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  • janine-clarinda-cabaret-feature-image
  • feature-image-filmont-recruitment
  • feature-image-haley-adam
  • feature-image-tax-cpd
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