Victoria Small Business Festival


I am really excited to be part of the Victorian Small business festival this year. It is such a great opportunity for any small business to go along to information sessions around Business Planning, Marketing, Accounting and Bookkeeping, Social Media and much more.

This year No Grey Creative is part of the Business Planning section of the festival. When deciding what category to submit under, Marketing was the first choice. But after having a good ponder I decided to go with Business Planning.

I see so many business owners who start out, leave branding to the last minute or out of the picture entirely. Graphic design and branding should be there in your business plan from day one. You should be setting aside real money for this exercise. Professional branding  as an investment is vital for any business to get up off the ground. It also sets you apart as a serious business owner. An investment in branding can last you for ten years, so don’t loose sight of the longevity it can offer.

To see more about the festival in general then visit HTTP:// You can even download the FREE iPhone app for the festival there.

If you would like anymore information on the upcoming information evening from No Grey Creative, then please see our seminars page