Howardco HR

New corporate identity for Howardco

New corporate identity for Howardco

Warren Howard from Howardco business and HR Solutions is a personable, enthusiastic and highly qualified Human Resource Manager, offering small businesses advice and help to improve team logistics and HR issues.

When designing the new logo, we wanted to go with something modern, sleek, corporate, clean and crisp. The result is exactly that. A beautiful asymmetrical logo that is interesting to look at and stand out to Howardco’s potential clients. 



New website design for Melbourne based Howardco HR

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When we designed the responsive website, we had to keep in mind that this website needed to be informative first and foremost and quite information heavy. Pretty images were not going to fly with Howardco’s clientele. The site is built on WordPress back end and has a blog feature implemented to add value to for readers of the site. The design is simple, corporate and very easy to navigate. 

content-image-diecut-business-cards copy

Die cut business card design with one corner cut off

Warren’s new die cut business cards with one corner cut off are one of our personal favourite business card designs. The die cut coupled with a spot UV varnish on the logo adds the wow factor to the cards and is a crd you would want to leave on your desk, not in the bin. Corporate, sleek and with a bit of personality this business if sure to wow potential customers. 

A highlight that we designed for Warren is a fabulous leave behind notepad entitled ‘thinkspace’ which help his clients with setting goals and ticking things off their daily to do list. This idea fits in with the ethos of HowardCo and the type of coaching Warren provides. Getting the best out of people!

Over the years, we have helped Warren further by developing an interactive E-book, adding a data capture form on his website and EDM every month. The E-book concentrates on helping people achieve their goals; with tips and advice intended to be easy to read and simple to implement. The data capture form on the website allows people to request a copy of the E-book by simply entering their email address.

Example of promotional postcard design and flyer advertising a upcoming event

Everything is designed for HowardCo to feel personal, friendly and accessible to all… after all, he is in HR!

A huge part of Howard Co is the recruitment side of things. Recruiting all over Australia for CEO’s, CFO’s and MD’s Warren Howard is a master when it comes to selecting the right candidate for your business. We design ad’s for Warren’s clients to appear in local publications, seek and recently the Australian Financial Review. 


MD advertisement design for Australian Financial Review

We are very pleased with the work we have done with Warren Howard and can only look forward to further projects. 


Warren Howard - Director at HowardCo Business + HR Solutions
Jacqui has helped me with a number of campaigns and she is outstanding! Professionalism, Commitment to Excellence and Responsiveness are all terms that apply to Jacqui and the work she does for clients. If you want to build your brand and your business I recommend you talk to Jacqui for her creative input.
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