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API corporate website design
Comet Advisers
A modern, fresh and upscale brand for Brighton based financial advisers
Bushwalking Victoria
A new look website design for Bushwalking Victoria
BE Media production logo design
Logo design, packaging design and marketing materials for wholesome family run business, Planticious.

Choosing a colour for your brand

When deciding on a colour for your brand, it is important that your colour palette is well thought out as the right colour choice can highlight your business’ strengths and help to attract the right customer. In design marketing, it is not uncommon for colour psychology to be discussed; a theory that argues how certain […]

Jim’s Interior Design logo review

Where the world of delicate pastels and tough grass stains collide.  When I first saw this logo I wasn’t sure if it was real, but on further inspection, Jim’s Interior Design is in fact the new arm of the highly successful Jim’s Franchise Group. Jim’s is nothing less than ambitious and this attempt to break into […]

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