Concept design for print ads in the local rag, industry publication or
display media creative for your online advertising needs.

Ever dreamed about seeing your business name in lights? The bright lights of local papers, magazines and websites await you!

Advertising is a great way to expose your brand to potentially thousands of customers at a time. The biggest mistake we see when a company runs an ad campaign is that they budget for the actual spend on a placement but then leave nothing for the creative. 

Just buying some ad space in a publication is not enough. You must have a creative and clever concept to attract the reader to your brand, or your ad will be a complete waste of money, time and resources.

At No Grey Creative, we LOVE thinking of quirky, clever and sometimes humorous advertising campaigns. There is no greater satisfaction for a business, we believe, than opening the latest issue of a newspaper and seeing your brand up there with the best of them.
Have a look at some of our favourite advertising campaign designs that we have produced in and around Melbourne in our full portfolio.
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